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5 enigmatic ways to make a style statement wearing Khadi !

Khadi has become an important part of the Indian fashion industry. We must have seen many Politicians wearing Khadi clothes and now its now considered as a fashion fabric. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also promotes the Khadi and we have seen him in many colorful khadi outfits. He is the known for his leadership as well as his style statements in worldwide. Khadi has become the fabric of youngsters also. Youngster adds Khadi in their wardrobes and makes their style statement in a fun way.

Let’s see 5 enigmatic ways to make a style statement wearing Khadi here.

Kurtas can be worn by Men or women both. You can team up theses Khadi kurtas with either a pair of denim, salwar or cotton pajamas. For footwear, you can opt for any ethnic like Jaipuri jutti, Kolhapuri chappals or any of Punjabi ethnic footwear.


For an elegant look, Khadi designer-dupattas are perfect to wear. With just wearing dupatta with a simple Salwar – Suit can change your mood and will give you the feel of elegance. The khadi dupatta seems to have become a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe and its really always cool options. You can wear these dupattas on various occasions with any of your fav Indian wear.

Khadi formal and casual tops

These tops can be worn with jeans, formal pants, salwar, skirts or pajamas and many more. You can choose printed or embroidery tops, according to your choice. These tops are sophistication & grace like a royal feel. Its also good to have the soothing touch to your skin.

Khadi for all age

Now we have many colors and varieties in Khadi which has made this fabric available for all the age groups. Even Kids, teenagers and in any age, you can have this fabric clothes in your wardrobes in the form of pants, pajamas, skirts or even jackets. They have set the real example in the zone of comfort and style.


Kadi Sarees are the important part of Indian wear. Going with trends, now we have many prints, colors and designs in khadi sarees. With styles & designs, Now, we have a lot of varieties like pure khadi to the silk khadi etc. It’s the trend that skirts and sarees are worn with the contemporary choli and it just adds the grace to your personality.

Every time you wear the Khadi gives you the Royal charm to your persona. It’s not just the eye tonic for the eyes only but will touch your soul with its vibrant colors and soothingness.

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