Who we are?

We at Godwit Khadi present to you the “Apparel of Soul” in its purest and the most remarkable form. We are a brand with a vision of sustainable fashion and community development.
Textile industry being the 2nd most polluting industry we wanted to make a difference!!.Godwit Khadi produces quality fashion, with beautifully textured and hand embroidered pieces offering an assortment of products to choose from. Fabrics we use are not only skin-friendly but eco-friendly too. Our versatile product range inclusive of Evening Gowns, Party Wear Dresses, Wedding Gowns, Tops, Shirts, Jackets, Blazers & Coats, Trench Coats, Skirts, Bottoms, Trousers and Beach Cover-Ups offers something or the other for almost every occasion. Besides the authenticity of every single piece we promise to keep creating designs so rare and exquisite and keep up with the social as well as environmental cause.

Naming the Brand

Our concept is basically about bringing out the beauty of 100 percent organic, natural fabrics and achieving a distinguished mark of excellence so the name had to be concomitant. That was when we thought of “Godwit” which was an inspiration from a long bailed bird which flies unmatchable high, representing our standards of work.

How was Godwit Khadi Born

Godwit Khadi is the brainchild of my father Mr Navneet Kumar Sharma who was very passionate about khadi. My love for design complemented my father’s passion and we came up with this concept of Khadi meeting contemporary silhouettes. I am person who spends time exploring the nature at its best which influenced my decision of taking up eco friendly methods. We adopted methods which cut down the pollution levels and provide employment opportunity to talented artisans and craftsmen.

Why Us?

Godwit Khadi aims at reviving the ancient Indian styles of craftsmanship as well as promote the usage of Khadi and Raw Silk as mainstream fashion. We create statement looks by combining elements from western and traditional cultures giving our garments all the more oomph factor.
We believe in a fair trade policy by equally sharing profits with our partner farmers and craftsmen. We want to preserve our rich traditional heritage for the future generations.


Technology can bring about a silent economic revolution ushering in economic decentralization as well as economic democracy. Our team believes in returning to nature as much as we can .We at Godwit invest ourselves in presenting to you the best of sustainable fashion, so if you choose us, you choose the environment!!
If you choose well, a never ending circle of good starts with an unemployed farmer getting work. You become the reason for a farmer not committing suicide. Farmer gets more, he produces more, we get more of fabric initiating higher scale of production, which means more work as well as fair wages to our craftsmen.
“if you pay a little more, we can live a little better”
-Says Shakti Atka garment worker

Design language

We present khadi in the most versatile way, incorporating it in day, evening as well as couture wear. We believe in quality and authenticity of our designs. We create variations in our designs using the different sizes of khadi fibres. We believe in a fair trade policy by equally sharing profits with our partner farmers and craftsmen. We want to preserve our rich traditional heritage for the future generations.

Founder & Designer: Namita Sharma

I always aspired to be a designer, my love for colours pampered that too. Even though I did not take any formal education in fashion and design I knew I wanted to design clothes which aligned my father’s interest for khadi. Nature, travelling and cultural diversity have influenced my design sensibility and my love for adventure instils the risk-taking factor in me. A-symmetry, quirkiness, fabric manipulation are key elements of my collections.



1. We want to bring hand spun khadi as a mainstream fabric to the ready to wear fashion scene.
2. Providing exceptional services to our clients and offering them a unique shopping experience will be our foremost priority.
3. We want to revive and conserve age old skills of Indian weavers and generating employment for our artisans

4. We want to promote environmental awareness through sustainable and organic fashion.
5. Godwit Khadi has full service capabilities, very high safety standards and a highly talented, qualified team of artisans which aims at establishing godwit as a credible Khadi brand.