Godwit, ‘a bird which flies very high above the sky’ justifiably represents the top-notch quality of fabrics we use. Khadi is indisputably the finest fabric, which gets gentler over time. We use this smooth hand-spun fabric to curate quirky apparels with a touch of modernity that brings about an individual sense of style to the fore.

We aim to revive the Indian craftsmanship by using the refined fabrics such as, Khadi Cotton, Pure Reeled Silk, Pure Raw Silk and Malmal/Muslin, along with an assorted variety of handpicked silks from different parts of India, like – Mulberry, Garad, Mysore Silk, Tussar, Katiya, Matka and “Peace Silks” like Eri and Munga, which are not only skin-friendly but eco-friendly too.

Including an extensive range of western and fusion wear, Godwit Khadi encompasses Evening Gowns, Party Wear Dresses, Wedding Gowns, Tops, Shirts, Jackets, Blazers & Coats, Trench Coats, Skirts, Bottoms, Trousers and Beach Cover-Ups. High-quality fabrics adorned with hand embroidery, texturing, detailing and a vibrant blend of styles, offer a diverse and colourful selection of apparels. Besides unabashedly advocating individuality & eccentricity, Godwit Khadi makes constant efforts to promote environmental awareness, conserve and sustain resources and to protect the environment from the heavy pollution created by textile industries.


Godwit Khadi aims at becoming a leading market player in the Khadi Industry in India and provide our clients with the best of Khadi fashion. We seek to create styles with an amalgamation of east with the west by using age old Indian traditional Khadi fabric with a fusion of modern western touch! Our vision is to redefine fashion by producing a line that inevitably draws a strong impression on the styles and mindset of our customers.


  • To manufacture ready to wear garments using hand spun and hand woven fabric made from natural fibres known as Khadi
  • Provide authentic and exceptional services to our clients and offer them a unique online clothing shopping experience.
  • Revive and conserve age old Indian tradition and specialty of Indian weavers and generating employment for masses from rural to urban areas.
  • Promote environmental awareness, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources protecting our environment from heavy pollution created by textile industries.
  • Godwit Khadi has full service capabilities, very high safety standards and a highly talented, qualified team of artisans and aim at establishing ourselves as a highly trusted and reputed Khadi Designer brand.

Namita Sharma

The creator of this exceptional brand, Miss Namita Sharma is from the charming and verdant valley town of Uttarakhand, Dehradun. Being born in the full-bloom lap of nature, she has a niche to promote environmental awareness, conserve and sustain resources, protecting the environment from the evils of fast fashion.

Namita has a deep understanding of the fashion industry that reflects in her visionary, innovative and awe-inspiring collection. She uses her antiquity and creativity to create whimsical designs.

An adventure junkie, she is a technical graduate by qualification and wanted to join army but her fascination towards Fashion since her childhood led to the creation of Godwit Khadi. She has never had any specific training in fashion & designs but her father’s deep cognisance of Khadi and her high-spirited & quirky persona led her to take the big leap and venture into the fashion world, or precisely, the ‘slow fashion’ world. Namita perceives fashion as a form of art that reflects one’s intellect, inspiring her to create exquisite, artistic and gorgeous Khadi wear.