The handmade threads of purity

In India, Gandhiji is the brand ambassador for khadi apparels. Now Khadi has become the inferno in the fashion industry which is spreading rapidly and globally. Any cloth that is handspun and hands weaved is called Khadi and Handloom means cloth woven on Handloom using Mill-spun yarn.  There was a time when price and roughness of the fabric were not preferred by fashion industry people.  But, in the present scenario, the demand for this fabric has grown in such a way that it has increased the demand for the fabric than its supply. A Million workers are involved in the spinning process to full filling the demand of the industry. Now we can say that it is really a pride for India that our patriot’s fabric & farmers apparel has now become a fashion fabric.

Now our fashion fabric khadi is not just restricted to cotton only. We have many Khadi blends with other fabrics to make many types of Khadi like raw silk khadi, matka khadi, poly khadi, tussar silk and many more. Now we have Khadi in 30 attractive hues. Fabrics have gained the global fame with the courtesy of the fashion industry. Khadi apparels have grabbed the attention of fashion designers; worldwide. We have many creative, extraordinary and unique designer clothes available in khadi fabrics. The fashion industry has also brought about a drastic change in the shades of the fabric. Our swadesi fabric has gained a global recognition with the courtesy of the fashion industry that is promoting the fabric in a way like never before. Khadi apparels become the part of beauty pageants where runway models displaying an array of outfits from bridal saris to beachwear made by khadi fabrics. The clothes have grabbed the eyeballs of international fashion designers also.  You can choose any of the dress according to your choice and requirement as in Khadi you will get any of Indian wears to western wears for smoothing experience for your skin as it has made by threads of purity and joy.

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